EPC Services

Solarize Energy provides a full spectrum of EPC services from initial design and engineering, structural and electrical approvals/permitting, LDC consultation, construction management, right through to commissioning and hand-over to plant operation.


At Solarize, we strive to improve on every project, drawing on our experience of over 7MW of commercial rooftop projects completed and in operation. Our EPC team draws on the experience of past projects to ensure that a balance is met between reducing overall costs, optimizing operations & maintenance, and maximizing power generation.


As a team, we have over 50 MW of direct project experience on both commercial and utility-scale systems in Ontario.


Operations & Maintenance

As owner and operator of grid-connected solar PV projects, Solarize Energy has a full-service Operations and Maintenance (O&M) program. To extend the lifetime of the system components and to ensure peak performance for the full duration of the contract, solar PV systems require comprehensive and proactive maintenance.


Solarize provides a complete suite of technical services including site inspection, performance monitoring and regular reporting, preventative maintenance, and 24/7 service response to identify potential issues earlier and to enable your system to remain at peak performance.


Solarize certified solar technicians are able to conduct:

• Annual inspection and system cleaning

• Annual mechanical and electrical system check-up

• Service calls as required


The maintenance schedule and assessments are approved by solar panel and inverter manufacturers to ensure compliance with warranty stipulations. The performance reporting is approved by lending institutions.


Financing your Solar PV Project

Solarize Energy L.P. offers industry-leading Financial Solutions in the ever growing Ontario PV market. Our proven track record and expertise will help Developers get their projects built in a cost effective and timely manner, and we offer integrated access to financing.


We offer:

• Master Loan Facility – Financing vehicle for small and medium sized portfolios

• Non-recourse Debt on Single Projects and Portfolios

• Construction-stage Finance on Single Projects and Portfolios

• Long-term Amortization Schedules - Industry leading Rates